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    • Who is going to carry out the cleaning?

      Your property will be cleaned by a team of hard working and knowledgeable cleaners with wide experience in house cleaning. The quality of their work is guaranteed because we organise specialised training for them and regularly explore the market for new cleaning solutions. This enables them to tackle with all types of dirt deposits and deliver an exceptional level of cleanliness.

    • What is included in the house cleaning?

      Our house cleaning package includes standard cleaning duties such as wiping cabinets, cupboards and wardrobes, polishing kitchen appliances, dusting, hoovering carpets, washing floors, cleaning the bathroom, changing linen, etc. However, our cleaners are able to work as per your individual preferences and cover only cleaning areas with high priority.

    • How long will the cleaning session continue?

      This depends on the size and condition of the property. A small cleaning task may take around one hour, while a major domestic project up to 4-5 hours. We know that customers would like to have the job done precisely, therefore, we train our cleaners to work in a prompt and efficient way.